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The impact of hearing loss

Hearing might not be the most valued of the five senses in our society, which has evolved mainly as a visual society. Our main focus is on images, written text and visual signs. However, audition also plays a fundamental role in our lives. While vision is more informative and help us get by with our daily errands, audition is extremely important in many aspects of our lives, especially our relationships with others and our social interaction.

The impact of hearing loss makes itself more evident in people who were born with full hearing capacity and then lost their ability to perceive sounds in a later stage of their lives. There are many possible causes of hearing loss, like a lesion, an infection, exposure to loud sounds and even the natural process of aging, among many others. Whatever the case is, studies show that hearing loss has a massive impact in a person's life. 

Face-to-face communication and interaction is mostly oral, so we need to hear each other in order to join conversations. Hearing loss, understandably, affects our capacity to do so. People with decreased hearing capabilities often become more introverted and are left out of social situations. They tend to avoid conversations out of frustration, or pretend that they hear or understand what they're told.

Hearing loss has also a psychological impact, because as any other disability, it can damage self-esteem and self-confidence. People with decreased hearing capabilities are reported to be more proclivity to depression, anxiety, social phobias, insecurity and paranoia. Also, hearing loss is linked to a decrease in personal earnings.

How hearing aid can help

Anyone would agree that using hearing aid when needed will improve your life and the way you feel, but few people are aware of the actual weight of this. Hearing aid can really turn around a person's life, socially, economically, emotionally and even physically. Many surveys and studies have been conducted in order to assess the effects of hearing aids in people's life, especially in hearing loss in the elder population, who are the most widely affected. As a matter of fact, around one-quarter of the elderly population has some degree of hearing loss, from mild to moderate to severe.

Perhaps the most evident and stronger impact of hearing aid in a person's life is the great improvement of social interactions. Hearing aid devices allow users to engage in conversations with other people, make the most out of social activities, communicate their ideas and make questions. They can become more integrated with their own families, friends and coworkers. They can enjoy the media, like radio on TV, at a volume that doesn't bother other people. 

With hearing aid, the user's families and friends perceive them as more psychologically capable and less introverted, with more self-confidence and less anxiety. Users can live a safer life, because they can hear potential dangers like cars on the street or a kitchen furnace that's been left on. 

Why not to use hearing aid?

As you can see, the impact of treated hearing loss is very positive, even more than common sense indicated. However, some people decide not to use any hearing aid devices, and why is that?

Reasons are mostly either aesthetic or economic. People often think that hearing aids are large and noticeable and just ugly to look at, and that they will make them not look good. That they will be identified as impaired people and somehow discriminated. However, many new hearing aid devices are digital, which means they are much smaller, as well as have a greater sound quality and more advanced settings for a better user experience. Some of them are even in-the-canal aids, virtually invisible.

The other reason is price, and while many devices can be a bit expensive, it is definitely worth it to make the investment. If you can't afford them, you can request the models provided by the NHS, which has a wide variety of devices suitable for all levels of hearing loss. Many of them are even decorated with colours or characters, so they are appealing to the eye, especially for children.

Even if you resort to the private market to get your hearing aid faster and with less complications, you can find some good devices at a fair price if you search a little bit. They don't all have to be out of your reach, in example these are affordable so you can take a look. 

Using hearing aid will change your life for the better, so if you have hearing loss or know someone who has, find the perfect hearing aid today!

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