Hearing Aid Amplifiers

If you or someone close to you has suffered from hearing loss, then you know exactly how it feels. Hearing loss, whatever the degree, can affect your life in so many aspects. Losing your ability to hear normally, the ability to communicate effectively and ability to participate actively in conversations around you can make you go into depression.

Over the years, I have had many patients turn to us as a last resort. They are usually either resigned to their fate or do not believe anything can turn around their situation. I always recommend options to my clients only after thorough testing and I only prescribe hearing aids that they too understand and are comfortable with.

Hearing aids are constituted differently but they all have four main parts: an amplifier, a microphone, a speaker and a power source. Each of these parts perform a different crucial function but they all work in unison to achieve the overall outcome which is to mitigate hearing loss. In this article, I would like to start by zeroing in on the hearing aid amplifier.

I’d like to clear the confusion between hearing aids and amplifiers. The latter amplifies all sounds around your environment without leaving out or fading any of it into the background. Hearing aids on the other hand select only those noises that you need to hear and enhance them while sieving out other noises in the environment.

Low Cost Hearing Aids and How to Find Them

Hearing aids have been in existence since the 1960s. One would expect that a product that has by now become widespread worldwide would be pocket friendly. This is not the case unfortunately. Hearing aids are out of reach to those that need them the most.

It is possible to acquire hearing aids for a cost as fair as £1000. Research, however, shows that the average amount spent on hearing aids at any one time is approximately £2500.

Here are ways to try and get a bargain on your next hearing aid purchase.

  • Try and consult with your hearing aid specialist. They have market knowledge and they would know what would work for you even if it costs slightly less.
  • Always ask for a discount on the price of your hearing aids. You would be surprised that the seller is not as rigid as you would imagine.
  • Look up organizations that support patients with hearing loss. Some usually offer either to help pay in part or full depending on the situation presented
  • Buy hearing aids that serve basic functions only. There are nicer models with capabilities such as Bluetooth. If this is a function which you do not need, skip it and save some money while at it by buying a basic model.

Used Hearing Aids for Sale – Are They an Option?

The internet has become a source of everything. Whatever you want, you can most certainly find it online. Sometimes buying the latest luxury brand hearing aids may not fit your tight budget, especially if you want the aids to come with accessories. You may want to think about more affordable options.

You can find several websites with people advertising hearing aids that are available for sale at discounted prices. While this is obviously an option, here is what I recommend that you do before taking up a deal that looks too good.

  • Discuss with your hearing aid specialist to see if those are the right hearing aids for you
  • Try and get as much information as you can about the make of the hearing aid, how long it has been used, when it was purchased as well as warranty information
  • If you have decided to go for it already, take it to your hearing aid specialist for checking, testing and repair work where necessary

Now I do not recommend going for used hearing aids. Here is why:

  • You will not get a good fit from hearing aids that were customized for someone else. One size simply does not fit all unless it is an open fit hearing aid.
  • Issues of hygiene are a factor to be worried. Where have the aids been? Who has been using them? This especially rings true for IICs. You do not want to get hearing aids from someone who was having ear infections
  • Most of these aids are purchased online and you have to pay up before the aids are shipped to you. What if it is a scam and they do not even work anymore?
  • Every patient is unique. Yes you might get lucky and the hearing aids might be close to a glove fit but this is almost never the case.

Hearing Aid Prices in Medicare – Are You Covered?

If you need hearing aids and are not quite sure if you can afford them, there is some good news – national health insurance. The National Health Service provides hearing aids for any patient who is deemed eligible. Some of the benefits of getting your hearing aids from the NHS include the following:

  • You can get the hearing aid without paying any upfront amount and have the cost treated as a long term loan
  • Post-treatment follow up or after care is offered free of charge. These usually take up quite a bit of money otherwise
  • If you need repair work done on your hearing aid then you get it for free. This is however done at a cost if the damage is due to mishandling on your part or if you lose your aid

The most common hearing aids available on NHS are the BTE and occasionally the RITE types. If you want more sophisticated hearing aids then you have to resort to private healthcare. The wait for your hearing aid at NHS can also be a bit lengthy.

Buy Hearing Aids Online

It is possible to purchase hearing aids online. In fact, we are now working on a program to help our patients test themselves and get recommendations on the hearing aids they need. This self-examination has several advantages, but the most apparent is that it will tremendously reduce the cost of purchasing hearing aids.

The belief that you must physically present yourself to a hearing aid specialist will soon die out and be replaced by computers, like is the case with most of our functions in daily life. There will still be experts in the background of course, but a lot more choices at affordable rates will be available.

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