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Importance of Our Ears

Ears are an important sensory organ. We use them for hearing purposes. Some people, however, are born without the ability to hear and can’t listen to the sounds that others can. Inability to hear can develop also because of a trauma suffered during an accident or due to illness as well. Such people who can’t hear are referred to as deaf. Now, in the past, it was impossible for them to do anything about this. But, now the advancement in technology has meant that there are hearing aids available which can help them in hearing just like normal people. There are several different manufacturers and brands of hearing aids available for the people with hearing issues to choose from. 

Top 5 Hearing Aids Manufacturers and Brands

Hearing aids have become quite common in the last few years. The technology that has been used for making these devices has improved a lot as well. The hearing aids available today are quite effective in providing solutions to the people suffering from hearing issues. Numerous brands and manufacturers have entered the industry which has helped in offering the deaf community a wider range of options when it comes to choosing hearing aids. The following are some of the top brands of hearing aids available in the market today.   

•    Hansaton

Hansaton is one of the premiere brands of hearing aids in the world. The company is known for producing aesthetically pleasing designs of hearing aids. Their hearing aids have plenty of features as well, which make them very appealing to the people with hearing issues. For instance, high fidelity sound listening capability, speech direction adjustment and feedback blocking are some of the features that have helped hearing aids from Hansaton in winning over the deaf community. Other important aspects of Hansaton hearing aids that have made an impression on the people are their superior charging technology and long standing battery life.     

•    Oticon

Oticon is another hearing aids manufacturer that has made a name for itself in this industry by producing one of the best hearing devices. They have been working on hearing solutions that are as natural as possible. Oticon is known for producing miniature hearing aids that consume less power but provide effective listening aid to the deaf people. The use of the BrainHearing fitting technology made by Oticon is one of this manufacturer’s best achievements to date. They have developed separate brand lines of hearing aids for both adults and children. Their hearing aids can also be connected to TV’s, landlines and even Smartphones.    

•    Phonak

Phonak hearing aids are also among the best in the hearing aids industry. The company has come up with a wide range of listening solutions that are directed towards both children and adults. What separates the hearing aids of Phonak from other manufacturers is that they offer both basic and high-end models for the deaf people. You will find features like background noise blockage and feedback blocking in their base-level hearing. The advanced versions, on the other hand, boast of features like wind noise reduction, sound distortion management etc. From a design and technology standpoint as well, Phonak hearing aids are definitely among the very best in the business.

•    Resound

Resound is also an established manufacturer of hearing aids. The company has distinguished itself for focusing on the cosmetic aspect of hearing solutions. They are aware of the fact that the deaf people are very sensitive about it. Resound have thus, come up with designs and technologies that help them in making hearing aids look cool and visually appealing. The most remarkable feature that the company has introduced in their hearing solutions is that they can be interfaced with digital devices with consummate ease. Using the Resound hearing aids is thus, extremely easy for the deaf people. In addition to this, the large variety of hearing aids that the company has lined up gives the people suffering from hearing issues plenty of options to choose their hearing aid from.  

•    Siemens

Siemens is one of the top manufacturers of hearing aids in the world. They have been producing top-quality hearing solutions for the deaf community for a long period of time. Siemens has come up with two new series of hearing aids namely, the Binax and Aquaris, both of which are extremely high-quality listening solutions. The features that have been introduced in them include background noise blockage as well as water and dust proofing. All of these features make them an excellent choice for people suffering from listening issues.   

Phonak Hearing Aids
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