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Did you know that hearing loss can be caused by a myriad of issues? While a small percentage of people are born with hearing disorders, we’ve found that a good percentage of people have developed hearing ailments from a variety of issues. Therefore, it is not recommended to rush and get hearing aids when you notice that you are experiencing some difficulties hearing. You need to get a thorough and comprehensive test to determine the cause of the hearing loss. Once the cause is known, then appropriate remedial measures are taken.

When you seek professional hearing services, you will undergo some tests to help determine the cause of your issue. We have realized that here are some causes whose remedial measures may not be hearing aids. For starters, here are some unconventional causes of hearing loss.

  • Too many over the counter pain relief pills
  • Some antibiotics
  • Excessive quinine ingestion
  • Chemotherapy medication
  • Loop diuretics
  • Obstructions such as wax buildup, growths etc.

We have noted that the above agents only cause temporary hearing loss, and they do not affect everyone. When these issues are sorted out, hearing capabilities are regained. Therefore, before you rush out to get yourself hearing devices, be sure that your condition is not temporary.

There are issues that cause irreversible hearing loss. These issues, however, still need professional hearing services to detect and remedy. You need an experienced practitioner to carry out the necessary tests and make befitting recommendations. Some of these causes include:

  • Heredity
  • Ear infections and diseases
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Traumatic brain injury and physical ear injury
  • Exposure to excessive loud noise
  • Lifestyle issues such as obesity and smoking
  • Illnesses such as diabetes, stroke, hypertension, meningitis
  • Acoustic tumors

These issues can cause hearing loss in one or both ears. Professionals test the extent of hearing loss in each ear and make recommendations accordingly. It is common to find that your ears have different hearing capacities. When it comes to issues such as physical injury, you may find that only one ear is affected. As such, your healthcare service provider will test and treat both ears individually.

Choosing the Best Hearing Health Center

 There are countless accredited hearing health centers all around. To give you a head start, check out the National Health Services website for a list of the centers near you. Other than convenient location, there are a few things you should also take into consideration. For starters, check out their consultation and treatment fees. You need to go to a facility whose services you can afford.

Granted, fundamental National Health Services are mostly given free of charge. As such, you will find that there will be services that will be accorded to you free of charge or at subsidized costs. However, if you prefer high end services and treatment options, you might be required to bear the costs. Your specialist will advise you on the services that are offered free and those you need to pay for.

It is important to note that free services are enough to cover basic health care needs. However, we have noted that it does take quite a while to get the services delivered as the waiting line is quite long for issues that are not life threatening. As such, you may need to check out other services that can deliver faster results at affordable prices.

Why Consider Seeing a Hearing Specialist

In order to determine whether your hearing loss is temporary or permanent, you may need the services of a qualified hearing specialist. Not only does a specialist check the cause of your ailment, you also get the necessary counseling services as well as advise on how to handle your condition. The basic services that any professional hearing specialist gives include the following.

  • Pretesting counseling and checking medical history
  • Tests to determine cause of hearing loss
  • Recommend appropriate solutions and help in choosing the most suitable ones
  • Provide hearing rehabilitation based on the suitable solutions given

One of the most common solutions to irreversible hearing loss is getting hearing aids. You may need to get the appropriate aids fitted to suit the shape and size of your ear depending on the type of device you choose. If you have already undergone the tests needed, and are looking to replace or upgrade your hearing aids, you need not go through the through tests all over again.

Technological advancements have made it easier to get hearing loss tests done online. For starters, you will realize that you can self-test on this website and get the appropriate recommendations. This self-testing tool allows you to test the extent of hearing loss in each ear, gives recommendations and offers suggestions to the hearing aids you require.

Hunting Hearing Aids

Hunting, just like all other activities, can be quite daunting when you are suffering from hearing loss. As such, you need to get the right devices to help you in your daily activities. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to styles, designs and types of hearing aids. The type you choose will mainly depend on your preferences and your budget.

Technology has allowed some changes in the health sectors. Some of these changes include the availability of Bluetooth enabled and rechargeable digital aids. Regardless of your choice, the trick is to get well fitting aids and have them adjusted to suit you. Hearing aids fall into two large categories; analog and digital. Some of the styles available in the market today include the following.

  • Behind the ear (BTE) aids
  • In the ear (ITE) aids
  • Completely in the canal (CIC) aids
  • Invisible in the canal (IIC) aids
  • Bone anchored (BAHA) aids
  • Receiver in canal (RIC) aids
  • BiCROS and CROS aids if the issue is in one ear

Each of these options comes in either analog or digital rechargeable options. Additionally, you can get a variety of accessories with your hearing aids.  You can find hearing aids that are compatible with your phone! The type of accessories will depend on your preferences and budget. If you are working with a tight budget, you can skip on some features and accessories; your hearing aid will work just as well without them.





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