Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Do you need to get hearing aids? If so, you may have searched and found a variety of options. Nowadays, many companies are selling these aids at different prices and offering unique perks. However, you do not need to let your options overwhelm you. All you have to do is focus on the main benefits of each option before looking at the additional ones.

One of the factors you should think about in your search for hearing aids is the convenience of their use.  We now know that it is prudent to look for rechargeable hearing aids. These aids will spare you the time and expense of constantly replacing batteries. You can make sure they never run out of power by recharging them as often as you can. If you are careful not to let the battery get too low, they will come in handy every time you need them. Besides, rechargeable hearing aids have lithium-ion batteries, which can withstand cold temperatures.  This type of aids can last longer than their non-rechargeable counterparts.

Once you have figured out what hearing aids you want to buy, you will need to fit them.  Fitting involves an audiology test to help you get the most appropriate aids based on the extent of your hearing problem.   However, you cannot get an audiology test from your seller as it is illegal. You need a certified audiologist to conduct the test.  

The hearing aid fitting process should be thorough. If not, you may end up with a device that barely enhances your hearing or one that makes sounds too loud for you. Your audiologist will expose you to different pitches to find out the lowest one you can hear. They also conduct a real ear measure to determine how loud sounds are to you.  Your audiologist should conduct the test twice; first without hearing aids and the second time with them. The results will determine the appropriate strength of your aids.

Fitting Your Hearing Devices Online

Technology has allowed us the luxury of countless adjustments to make our lives easier. Did you know that you could one day get to have a hearing aid fitting without physically meeting your audiologist? At the comfort of your home, you will be able to test and tell the suitable strength of your hearing aids and make a purchase. What’s more, it will cost you less than half the price of a regular audiology test.

Having lived with someone with a hearing problem, I have learnt a lot about aids and audiology tests. My sister’s hearing deteriorated when she was four. She has had several hearing devices since then. She has always hated getting audiology tests, mainly because it made her uncomfortable. Now that she is an adult, the expense has become a real burden.  My sister gave me the idea to make hearing tests less burdensome.

The aim of the online testing technology is to give people the opportunity to test their hearing independently. The platform will use a program that will detect your ability to hear certain sounds and provide a graph indicating the lost frequencies. The test results automatically determine the hearing aids that will best serve you.   

The program will not need any regulation.  Therefore, you will be able to test your hearing whenever you want without breaking any laws. Besides, getting your audiology test for a much cheaper price will give you a wider range of options for hearing aids. You may finally afford those previously unaffordable aids you have always wanted. 

If you work in an office, you may need to be very selective when looking for appropriate hearing aids. Below are some of the options you could consider.

Mini Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aids

These hearing aids are technologically advanced to better your experience. One benefit you will gain from these aids is that they will improve the clarity of sounds. They convert and process sounds individually to make them easier for the user to interpret.

Digital hearing aids automatically detect and reduce background noise to make you as comfortable as possible. Another perk is that the mini rechargeable digital hearing aids come with a feature that allows volume-adjustment. Hence, if you need some silence, you can enjoy it without having to isolate yourself.

With mini rechargeable digital hearing aids, you can communicate effectively while in any space including the office. Besides, their size is particularly convenient; they only occupy a small part of your ear, which makes them inconspicuous. You can easily avoid drawing attention to yourself using these aids.

In the Canal Hearing Aids

If you hate the thought of having to explain what you have on your ear, these hearing aids are the best for you. They fit inside your ear and the only part that remains outside is a tiny handle to allow you to remove the device.  

The position of these aids in the ear enhances their effectiveness. Since the larger part of it is in the ear canal, these devices do not capture undesirable sounds from the outer side. If you have experienced a whistling sound while using other hearing aids and hate it, in the canal devices will feel like paradise.  

Besides, using these hearing aids will enhance your experience when using headphones or cell phones. You will also be comfortable wearing these devices since they are very light.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth enables wireless connection of two or more devices. This feature makes Bluetooth hearing aids easy to use with electronic devices. You can connect these aids to your computer or phone and enjoy high quality sound. These aids are like wireless earphones with the ability to optimize your listening experience.  

These devices can be quite helpful in the office. You get to do your work while speaking on the phone or discretely listening to music on your computer. Furthermore, if you need to adjust the sound volumes, you can do it on the hearing aids or download an app on your phone. However, you should make sure you reduce the volume on your aids when using electronic devices to prevent interruptions from other sounds around you.

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